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Woodworking factory of  "Urallesprom" successfully developing enterprise, being the largest producer of wooden houses in the Ural region.


Company " Urallesprom" is formed in 1999 on the basis of factory on wood processing, but the factory history totals more than 50 years of an operational experience in wood processing.

Floor spaces "Urallesprom" are located in Pervouralsk , (40 km from Ekaterinburg), and in Ekaterinburg (only 24000 m of 3 warm industrial shops) . "Urallesprom" has the big own raw-material base and a wide network of representations in Russia and the countries distant and the near abroad.

At our enterprise there is a full operation cycle of wood on the modern equipment from Germany, Italy, Finland - from a round log to end production, carry out civil work in full - on a turn-key basis . We use the round wood (pine) of the Ural region possessing all properties of northern wood.

Our company specialises on manufacture of a wide number of production:
  • Complete sets of houses and other structures from клееного a bar (In section production and a photo gallery).
  • Windows wooden with a double-glazed window in accordance with GOST 24700-99 ( In section production and a photo gallery).
  • Furniture board ( In section production and a photo gallery).
  • Karkasno-panel houses, (In section production and a photo gallery).
  • Heater of Ekovata ( In section production and a photo gallery) .

For the additional information search in appendices or we will give you it in addition.

лес You can see our objects in Sverdlovsk area, in the Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansiysk А.О., Kurgan region, Krasnodar territory (Sochi, the Red glade), the Perm region, in the Moscow region, the Leningrad region, in Ukraine, Luxembourg, France, Greece.

Woodworking factory of  "Urallesprom" makes furniture from the glued shield to order of company IKEA .

In the work we give special attention to quality of production from acceptance of round wood to finished goods and to accurate execution of terms of delivery, according to contract obligations. The newest equipment, the highly skilled personnel and introduction of high technologies, application of the saved up world experience in woodworking have allowed to achieve a high degree of quality of production not conceding to analogues of leading European manufacturers. Our enterprise has won competition of quality of the wooden housing construction, spent by committee on protection of the rights of consumers of the government of Moscow.

We are opened for a collaboration with private individuals and organizations, interested in our products.

We hope that in our person you we will get the reliable and stable partner.

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